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Koshish Charitable Trust, Patna
Koshish Charitable trust has collaborated LIFI on a fellowship. But even before that, the two worked together on “Suno aur Seekho” program which helped the poor children living in the slums in Patna. Both programs have been a success so far but we are still trying to better the upcoming program. We aren’t going into this with a proper budget but whenever the fellows get into the program Koshish finances for them each month. To date, we have reached over 150 students and helped with their learnings. We aspire to reach a lot more with this program.
Pahal – Ek Nayi Soch
LIFI has a learning module called “Suno aur Seekho” which helps the children learn new subjects in an innovative way. The children enjoy learning through audio. Not only that, even the Youth Teacher Leaders are trained very well to handle and educate these children and the fellowship offered to them helps them financially as well. The teachers and the children all seem to enjoy the learning process equally at LIFI.
I am Shamel and joining LIFI has really made me feel good.  With just 15 days of training, I have got enough idea about how to teach these Out of school children (Oosc) and how to handle the kids in the classroom. This one year of working with LIFI has made me so proud. I have made some really good relations with the children and their parents and it all feels like a family rather than a community.
There were many children in my community who were deprived of primary education. I started teaching these kids when I joined Udbodh. LIFI provided me with 15 days of training on how I can engage with Out of school children (OoSC). I want to thank Udbodh and LIFI for giving me this opportunity. The Team of LIFI not only provided me with 15 days of training but also all the material that is used in teaching. LIFI provided me with contextual content that can help all the children learn.

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