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Creating a pathway from the community to the school for children pushed out of the education system and helping them retain in schools.


Strengthening Partnerships – Curriculum and Training Vertical

In order to increase the reach to more children, through the “Collaborate For Change” program LIFI is partnering with other institutions and nonprofits to strengthen their existing programs. So far, LIFI has partnered with various organizations such as Save the Children, India (Rajasthan), Room to Read, Samait Shala and Learning Links Foundation working closely with their teams on their teacher capacity building and curriculum development, contextual to their settings and needs. 

As part of this program, we offer the following services to organizations within the education sector:  

  1. Foundational Literacy and Numeracy (for age groups 6 to 12 years) – Languages (Hindi and English) – aligned lesson plans, worksheets and activities 
  2. Early Years (age groups 2 to 5 years) – Curriculum and Training (Language Program, Numeracy program, Integrated theme based programs)

Language Program

  • Understanding the basics of what is language 
  • Complete year phonics program
  • Early Reading Program
  • Writing program (From emergent to developing)
  • Aligned worksheets

Numeracy Program

  • Numeracy with the CPA (Concrete, Pictorial, Abstract approach)
  • Conceptual clarity of the domains 
  • Having fun with numeracy
  • Aligned worksheets
  1. Community Leadership
  2. Effective Teaching Learning Cycle (Planning, Execution, Assessment, Analysis)


  • Backwards Planning
  • Lesson Planning
  • Gradual Release of Responsibility model 


  • Teaching with love and compassion
  • Classroom routines
  • Classroom Management
  • Addressing the needs of all children in the classroom
  • Checking for understanding
  • Student Engagement
  • Data driven instruction
  • Differentiation in classrooms


  • Designing assessments (primary grades – Hindi, Math and English) 
  • Conducting assessments
  • Record and analyze student data and generate reports 


  • Being a reflective teacher
  • Using reflection as a tool for improvement
  1. Teaching as Leadership 
  2. English and Digital Literacy in rural contexts 
  3. Project and Theme based learning
  4. Monitoring and Evaluation of student programs (focussed on academic growth)

We also offer technical training support to the second line leadership (program and curriculum teams) of organizations to help them better support and mentor the ground staff (teachers or volunteers). 

Through Collaborate to Change, we have worked with over 40 Educators reaching over 2500 children, in collaboration with non-profit organizations.

Partner organisations we have worked with: 

  1. Self Reliant India 
  2. Swapnoporan Welfare Society
  3. Shiksharth 
  4. Lotus Petal Charitable Foundation
  5. Save the Children (Rajasthan)
  6. Room to Read
  7. Samait Shala 
  8. Learning Links Foundation 
  9. Aline Partners

Collaborate to Change Program is now registered as a separate entity by the name – SyneryEd Ventures. 

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