- Our Team -


Our Team comprises of passionate educationists, experts across industries and ardent volunteers . They guide us, keep us focused on our mission, and help us deliver on our goals. Together we will continue to innovate and grow and create impact for the community.

Team Members

Shri Ravi Bhushan Bahl

He consistently has been a pillar of support for all his children and is currently working closely with LIFI to understand the ground needs and helping in strategy and development.

Raman Bahl

Raman Bahl is a 2012 Teach for India Fellow. Post his Fellowship, he took up Teachers Training, Curriculum and Assessments Development and School Leadership roles. He believes that all children can attain an excellent education and is determined towards designing contextual and innovative ways which can address the learning needs of diverse groups of children. 

Taruna Bahl

Taruna has been an Educator for almost two decades and is supporting LIFI in ensuring a strong contextual curriculum and in community outreach.

Harsh Bahl

Harsh is an IT professional and a Math enthusiast. He plays the role of a Devil’s Advocate for LIFI and helps in taking important decisions. 

Bushra Tabassum

She was an Alohomora Fellow and coached XIth and XIIth graders during her Fellowship. She is passionate about working in the education sector and wants to work towards creating a safe space for children where they can share their opinions confidently, respect each other and the society and which can help them become independent learners. 

Akhilesh Sharma

Akhilesh is an enthusiastic learner, facilitator and traveler. He has been an Alohomora Fellow and currently working as a ‘Tech-Entrepreneur’ and believes in empowering the youth.

Sarvesh Kumar

Sarvesh has been working in the social sector since last 2 years. He has been an Alohomora Fellow and his strengths lie in facilitation, relationship building and problem solving. He is passionate about being able to increase access of learning opportunities for kids everywhere and make them more curious and joyful.

Fansab Afreen

Fansab is a Graduate from Delhi University and then joined Alohomora soon after. She worked there with eleventh and twelfth graders and contributed towards building their confidence, self-awareness and critical thinking skills.

Afreen Tabassum

She has been a Teacher for over two years and is passionate about making children learn with fun and help them build their self-confidence. She believes that teaching can create a big difference in the lives of the children!

Community Advisor

Smt. Shakuntala Rathi (Sarpanch, Village Purkhas Rathi)

Smt. Shakuntala Rathi is the Sarpanch of the village and has been helping us wholeheartedly in our flagship program – Suno aur Seekho. Shakuntala Rathi Ji has spent the last 5 years developing the village along with the rest of the people in the village. She keeps a keen interest in promoting education for all and hence has been supporting us in all possible ways!