Launch Day

27th July, 2020 marked the first day of our ‘Suno aur Seekho’ program. Something exciting that happened this day was the excitement on the kids’ faces when we met them in the community. 

The lessons were sent to the kids in the morning itself and they were informed about the visit sometime in the afternoon in their local community center. By the time we reached the center, the children were already waiting and started reciting the story we had shared with them in the morning.

 We sat with the children for around an hour and asked them different questions about what they learnt. It was fantastic to see the response. We also noted down the places where we all could improve, after all the feedback from the children and their parents is a core-aspect of the program! 

Later, we all celebrated with different poses and smiling faces in front of a camera! 

We look forward to learning and growing in this journey! 🙂 

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