First Orientation Event

On 19th July, 2020 first orientation day with the parents in the community was conducted. After our first round of surveys in the community earlier this month, we thought of inviting all the parents and talking to them about our program ‘Suno aur Seekho’

It was a fantastic experience talking with nearly 30 children and their parents from the community. We spoke about our intentions of starting this program and gave them a small demo of how this program will look like in their homes! 

Orientation Day

The audio lesson we played explained the concept of day and night to these children! The lesson definitely got everyone glued and we found them so engaged throughout patiently listening to the lesson! One of the exciting moments was when a 70 years old daadi ji (approx) was able to explain the concept of day and night to others in the group! 🙂 It was a great highlight for us and it made us hopeful of the impact that the program might possibly have within their community! 

We had a great time orienting the parents with the details and we look forward to more such interactions in the future!

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