Suno aur Seekho


The unprecedented times in front of us have changed so much. Schools have switched to taking classes online and everyone in the country is trying to get used to the new normal. Added screen times and a lot of dependency on everything virtually is making things difficult for families in urban or semi urban areas. The reality in rural areas is very different from that of the urban/semi-urban contexts. Families there do not get access to online classes. Even when they have a smart phone at home, it is meant to be shared and so children cannot enjoy using it for a very long time. 


Suno aur Seekho is an initiative to help the rural communities gain access to fun learning at home leveraging voice as the medium. We provide voice lessons (not more than 5 minutes duration) which will instruct the parents and the children with little things to do at home and help children learn using fun ways! 

We are currently working with a village called Purkhas Rathi, near Ganaur, Haryana. We are working with 30 families which are using these voice lessons every day. The data we curate each week helps us make better voice lessons for the next week. It has been an insightful journey so far and we look forward to partnering with more villages, teachers and families in the future! 


  • Voice lessons aligned with NCERT outcomes 
  • Age groups 6 to 10 years 
  • Subjects- Math, Hindi