- About Us -


Learning Initiatives of India was founded looking at the disparity in the access of opportunities of learning among children in our country. With COVID-19, such disparity has only increased owing to the digital divide in the country. While there are so many children who have access to online learning, it is difficult for children in the rural settings to gain the same access to learning at home. 

Our observations from households in rural areas are:

  1. There is maximum one smartphone in the families and it is shared by all the members in the family 
  2. Children are not getting much access to quality learning at home

Raman, thus felt the need to build an academic system that can help these children in their homes gain access to basic learning. Hence, our flagship program ‘Suno aur Seekho’ – an academic system that leverages the voice and just requires the children to use resources available at home to get the very basic education, was born! 


To work with under-served communities and help the children there gain access to quality learning at home. To keep enhancing our program “Suno aur Seekho” to make it more beneficial for the children and making it reach to masses and leveraging it to help children fight their fear of schools and have a good number of them go back to schools. 


To be a noteworthy voice in the education sector creating large scale impact and making education a possibility for all.


  • Commitment -Towards the learning of the children, Towards the community stakeholders & Development of the team
  • Integrity –  Match our actions to our words to create community wide impact
  • Excellence – Whatever we do, we will strive for the best