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“To form an ecosystem of support for out of school children in the country!”


As part of LeAD UR India Fellowship, LIFI helps set up Child Resource Centre (CRC) in the communities where we work in order to track the retention of the children in schools and offer learning that enhances critical thinking of the children and further help them become confident, aware, curious and are able to ask for support where situation in their school is constrained. 

The objective of the program is to –

  1. Provide an access to the  children, both boys and girls to avail the facilities of the resource

center such as library, vocational training etc.

  1. Prepare study materials in child friendly language
  2. Encourage parents to impart their culturally rich skills like – local artisans, farming skills, other

important life skills

  1. Conduct workshops and training for teachers to enhance the status, morale and professionalism.
  2. Establish a model resource center which is child- centered

This will be accomplished through different interventions which includes setting up computer and STEM labs and libraries within the CRC. 

The resource center will benefit the village population – (i) students (ii) private as well as government

teachers (iii) peasants and artisans (iv) educationists (v) non government organizations engaged in various developmental works including education (vi) community at large.

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