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“Youth have the power to do literally anything that can help children in our country be on a lifelong learning path!”


LeAD UR India Fellowship mentors local youth in the rural and urban communities to become nation builders, problem solvers, resourceful, persistent and be leaders in their personal and professional pursuits.  We at LeAD UR India Fellowship are enabling youth to become advocates to work with children who are either out of the education system or are at risk of being pushed out and ensure that no child ever remains devoid of learning opportunities, no matter what!  Through the Fellowship the youth take up the oath and the challenging task of advocating & working on our vision, पढ़ेगा हर बच्चा, बढ़ेगा हर बच्चा: Access, Learn, Retain, Educate!”  

The mentorship program is conceptualized in a manner where a Community Teacher Champion (CTC) goes through a journey on three themes:  Leading Self, Leading Students, Leading Community!

Leading Self

The CTC goes through an inner journey and deeper change within.  The program is designed to make the youth reflective of their own strengths and areas of development. The objective is for them to continue to leverage their strengths and work on things that could be better to grow as individuals and lead change towards nation building. 

Leading Students

The Community Teacher Champion (CTC) works with one community/school and 45 – 50 children (who have never been to school or have dropped out or are at risk to drop out due to lower learning levels).  The CTC will be working towards enabling better learning outcomes for the children with focus on Foundational Literacy & Numeracy (FLN) and their retention on sustainable learning pathways.

Leading Community

The CTC will be focussed towards mobilizing the community stakeholders for better education of the children and to reduce/eliminate the barriers that stop children from receiving quality education.  They will also work towards adding value to the existing education programs in the Govt. school system.

The Fellowship Cycle

What do all LIFI CTCs do in the 2 years?

They are mapped to one govt. school/community and are coached to carry out activities as per the below cycle throughout the year.  They undergo rigorous teaching skills training, leadership development training, reflective learning/reading workshops.  The CTCs support in school for providing remedial support to those children who are struggling with their grade level learning outcomes.  For one batch of 45 children, CTCs will support for 4.5 – 5 hours of remedial instruction catering to foundational numeracy and literacy skills.  

They also undertake projects of mobilizing the community for better school enrollments and investing parents by organizing various events. 

The Fellowship Cycle 

Advocacy – Three Layers

Our Fellowship mentors Community Teacher Champions (CTCs) to advocate at three levels addressing the root causes that deter children to access education: 

  • Teaching the children daily to boost their morale, knowledge and skills to bridge their academic gap.
  • Engaging with the community to help them invest in their children’s education. They work with Government schools for staff capacity building, driving enrolments and retention, conducting remedial programs, and parent engagement by activating the school management committees. 
  • Advocating for effective implementation of the existing education policies. Example – We are partnering with Government of India’s flagship programme for achievement of Universalization of Elementary Education.

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